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Pastor Peter Pilt is National Director of Global Care, the Missions Director of INC (International Network of Churches) and Senior Pastor of Impact Church, Canberra.  He's a regular guest on Vision Radio, with his insightful view of life in Australia. He admits he is passionately patriotic and loves being an Australian - but he is conscious of our country's problems as well as its virtues.

"I challenge my church to be counter-culture", he says, "We have to realise that the world operates on a system of economics, where as the church operates on a system of SPIRITUAL economics. That's counter to what the world says. We are faith oriented. It's about sowing seed. It's about  understanding that if you are passionate for what God is passionate about, God makes it happen, God makes a way."

There's no doubt that Australian society today runs on a set of guiding principles that often seems to sit in opposition to tradition Christian values.  There no longer seem to be any moral absolutes - no-one is allowed to criticise the life choices that someone else makes.  Society says happiness is the highest goal in life, achieved by doing the things you most want to do. We have become less caring, as a culture, than ever before in our history.

February's Household Financial Comfort Report revealed that the gap between our richest and poorest families is widening - the rich are becoming richer while the poor are becoming poorer. The report reveals households coming under increasing strain due to job insecurity, cuts in wages and under-employment. We know God is a God of justice and wants his people to make a difference in the world, standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves and sharing what we have with those who have nothing - and yet our society today tells us we must look out for number one.

Christians across Australia need to rise up

And there is an increasing move to dismiss Christian values completely.  Social commentator Bill Muehlenberg - a regular guest on Neil Johnson's 20Twenty programme - says the secular left "are doing everything they can to ensure that no one with a contrary point of view is allowed to speak. They will seek to shout down and shut down any public speaking event held by those deemed to be too dangerous, such as conservatives and Christians."

Peter Pilt believes Christian Media - and Vision Christian Radio - has a vital role to play. "Christian Media can go right across Australia, as a voice into the airwaves reaching people who are remote, people who can't get to church, people who CAN get to church, who can listen and be inspired."

"Christians across Australia need to rise up", he says, "We need to have a positive, faithful voice out on the airwaves. If each of us could just do a little bit, moving as one, we carry the burden and the job is easily done".

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