Margarite from Brisbane Promotes Vision Radio


This is Margarite who called Vision Radio recently to share about her faith and her work as an evangelist with Operation Mobilisation.

“Whether I’m sitting in the gutter talking to somebody in India or in a millionaire’s home somewhere in America, we all need Jesus. He’s the answer.”

“We as Christians need to have the skills. To know how to listen carefully to people. That’s the key.”

“The pain and the struggles they’re going through and then talk gently and compassionately into their lives. Obviously we’ve prayed ourselves up before we’re in that situation,” Margurite admitted.

And Margurite said when she’s sharing the gospel she’s also giving Vision Radio a plug.

“I tell them about your radio station. I get a bit of paper and write down 87.8 FM radio and let radio do the work!” 

Margurite said people may never darken the entrance to a church but it’s much easier for them to tune in to a radio station.

“I just love what Vision Radio’s doing and I keep promoting it all the time!”

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