Jason’s Australia Day switch to Vision

This is Jason’s testimony of what happened when he changed to another station on his radio.

It was another Australia and Jason was attending to his usual habits – drinking and smoking and listening to the national broadcaster. No doubt no different to many other Aussies when January 26 comes around.

But Jason wasn’t a happy camper.

“I was getting sick and tired,” Jason recalled. “I was getting drunk and annoyed with the radio I was listening to and I flicked the dial and Vision came through.”

Jason said it just changed his life.

“I stopped drinking and smoking and today I’m clean from drugs and alcohol and the radio just spoke life,” Jason said, saying that Vision brought him hope and light.

“But Vision is life. There’s death everywhere.”

“I love the music on Vision. I got rid of all my music, all that death music,” that’s how Jason described it, saying the only music that will last into eternity is the praise and worship that glorifies God and Jesus.

“And I’m reminded every day when listening to Vision that Jesus loves me and there’s so many people who don’t know.”

“And we can’t go into their lives but Vision can.”

Ain’t that the truth. Thanks Jason.

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