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It's hard sometimes to talk about your faith with someone from a different faith - someone who has an honestly-held set of beliefs, someone who is sure that those beliefs are true. How do you deal with them with grace, and with love - but without compromising your own beliefs and the truth of the Christian gospel.

For Kerry, who lives in Bombala in the far south of New South Wales, that was exactly the issue she found herself facing.

She has been a Vision Christian Radio listener for many years and she remembers a six month period when Jehovah's Witnesses were calling at her door regularly.

True Hope 2017

She says on each occasion, the day before they arrived, she had heard Chuck Missler talk on Vision - and what he said ended up being very helpful as she talked to her visitors the next day.

"God was preparing me the day before and then - bang!".

She says Vision's role in this case was equipping her to be able to talk to her Jehovah's Witness visitors.

But she's also found Vision to play an important role in other areas of her life.

"I was able to give birth while Vision was playing," she laughs, "It was a comfort".

She says it was a period of time when the family were unable to pick Vision up that made her realise what the radio station meant to them.

"We'd been isolated for six months without a radio, and so we hadn't been able to listen.  When that changed and we were able to hear Vision again, I found my four year old son - who hadn't heard Vision for six months - and he was dancing around, singing a song that he'd heard on Vision and he'd remembered it."

"How much more are people being fed in the spirit by hearing what they hear on Vision. They're being fed, and equipped and God is using it mightily."

Hebrews 13:21 - May Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing his will.


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