Jason from Melbourne

“I can’t remember what the sermon message was, only that I realised I needed Him.”

Jason from Melbourne called Vision radio recently to say how much he enjoys listening to the station over breakfast…a habit that began a good long while ago.

True Hope 2017

In fact, Jason came to the Lord through listening to Vision at Alice Springs back in 2008. That’s one year short of a decade – a Vision radio listener milestone coming up for Jason just around the next bend in the calendar.

Vision has been his constant companion and confessed his faith is stimulated by the friendly banter and the music. All part of the mix for wireless warriors Robbo and Becci. That’s why they’re tweeting every morning before the birds do.

In fact it’s probably the numero uno reason why they Rise and Shine to the alarm clock call….to connect with all the Jasons of the world.

Jason said it was Greg Laurie’s preaching on Vision that triggered his conversion. A very special day Jason will never forget.

“I heard Greg Laurie’s sermon on Tuesday 14th October 2008,” Jason recalled. But that’s as far as it goes.

“I can’t remember what the sermon message was, only that I realised I needed Him.”

Today Jason has the heart of an evangelist who shares his faith at every opportunity.

And it’s these Jason like stories that inspire all of us at Vision, to make sure we’re as close to Lord every day in every possible way to share the Good News across the airwaves across the nation.




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