Simon – widower South East Qld

“The music certainly helps uplift your spirit when you’re down, for myself and my son who’s only 8.”

“Vision makes you realise you’re not alone and there are other people travelling that same path.”

Simon is a recent widower, a solo dad with an 8-year old son after losing his wife to cancer 12-months ago.

True Hope 2017

Importantly he is a strong supporter of Vision.

Simon said Vision played a major role during his wife’s treatment stage and after she passed away. It helped him rise above the trauma unfolding around him.

“The music certainly helps uplift your spirit when you’re down, for myself and my son who’s only 8.”

Simon said he’s been encouraged by the testimonies of other people in his predicament.

 “The constant music that you play is very supporting and uplifting and certainly is very encouraging.”

“Just knowing that it’s there 24/7 particularly after my wife passed away it’s been extremely supportive, whether I’m at home or driving in the car listening to all the programs.”

Simon admitted life has its challenges particularly as it’s only been 12-months since his wife passed away.

“There’s encouragement in the Word and certainly in all the music Vision plays.”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of the people at Vision and it’s an amazing job Vision is doing.”


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