‘It’s those little moments on Vision’ – Ainslee from WA

“No matter how everything’s going you keep that energy going and encourage, encourage and encourage. You never give up so it’s really good.”

Praise for Vision from Ainslee in Western Australia, a Visionathon donor who turns on her radio whenever she’s in the car.

“I love the way your enthusiasm never wavers,” was Ainslee’s compliment to the Vision on air team connecting with the listeners.

Ainslee’s Vision Radio story involved a move to Albany in WA where she didn’t know anyone.

Her next move was to find a Christian radio station.

“I literally rolled the dial through the radio and I don’t even know who it was, what they were saying, or whether it was a song or the spoken word, but there was something there and I went, ‘Oh, I’ve found it.”

Later a friend of Ainslee’s said she’d had a similar experience.

“She was driving, feeling very low and struggling with her life and had doubts about her faith, and she rolled across Vision.”

“At that very moment there was a word of Scripture that spoke exactly into her situation,” Ainslee shared, saying God is there, listening and has it all under control.

“It’s those little moments that hold us together,” Ainslee declared.

But could Ainslee get frustrated with Vision? If so, what could that be?

“The frustrating thing is, because there’s so much great teaching and great music on Vision, we have a constant problem in our family where we’re driving along listening and we’re really into a program, and we get to a destination!”




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