One Step Closer to a New Home base for Vision

Dear friends,

Absolutely stunned!

That’s the best way to describe how we all feel about your generosity and God’s faithfulness, following our Visionathon Radio appeal.

I must admit that I had questioned whether we would reach the million dollar goal within the allotted 4 days, but through the generosity of His people, God has just given me (and us all) a lesson in faith and trust! As I write this today our total for Visionathon is just over $1.3 million. Praise God!

This ministry has always been a walk of faith, and I believe we can draw confidence from what has just unfolded—more evidence that we can trust Him to provide what we need to keep growing.

Vision is producing loads of good fruit but we’re feeling a bit like a pot-bound tree!

Come visit us and you’ll soon see why we need to move—our current home has served us well for 17 years, but to keep growing, the time has come to transplant the tree! A new home base will allow our team to do even more—and let our roots to go down deeper. This is why, in faith, we have signed a contract to purchase a new building, at a cost of $5.9 million, with settlement in June 2019.

We are aiming to have at least $3 million cash in hand for settlement, and are now 29% of the way there. Your gift during Visionathon has helped make this possible!

But we have a long way to go to bridge the remaining gap, and our big challenge is that these funds are needed over and above our regular operational expenses. Our prayer is that the Lord will speak clearly to those He has equipped and called to fund this critical infrastructure that will enable future generations to hear God’s Word through Vision.

Will you pray about whether you may be one of them?

Finally, I’d like to share with you a little of the personal journey God has been taking me on through this project. To be honest, it is exciting and scary all at the same time, having to take bold new steps of faith, trusting God to provide.

About six months ago, right at the time we were deciding whether to sign the contract, I received an email from a prayerful person I respect greatly. He had no awareness that we were in the valley of decision when he wrote this! He said: A while ago God gave me the following and He tells me that now is the time to pass it on to you all at Vision.

I am setting the stage.
I am positioning the players.
I am the Author, I am the Director.
The curtain is about to be raised and Mine will be all the glory. Selah.

You could have bowled me over with a feather. Since then, we’ve had many ‘nudges’ from God which give us confidence that He is indeed going ahead of us in this.

So, I invite you once again to journey with us—to trust God with our everything as we seek to faithfully serve him together to bring life to many thousands in our nation.

In His Strong and Mighty name,

Phil Edwards

PS December 7 is an important date. It marks 30 years since our founders met for the very first time to plan the way ahead for Vision. Just look what has become of the seed they sowed! What could become of your seed of faith for future generations?

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