A Broken Family in Crisis that Only God Could Restore

Husband and wife arguing

God doesn’t promise life will be easy, but He does promise to be there and give us the strength to face life’s toughest battles. (Isaiah 41:13)

Shamini from Perth and her family went through an incredibly tough time that nearly destroyed her family and it was only when she fully leaned on God for strength that restoration began to take place.

“I did go through challenges in my marriage.  In 2016 things came to a head because we were having a lot of quarrels, there was a lot of anger.  Then my husband decided to walk out, and that just broke my hope and was so hard.  At the same time my teenage son was struggling with anxiety, so it was a double whammy.”

“I just stuck with God and I just stuck with the daily devotional (The Word for Today) through the Vision app.  I also have a church that I attend and with the support of the church as well as the daily devotionals I started reading the Bible more.  It gave me a lot of hope, strength and I just relied on God’s promises in His Word and He came through.”

Woman reading Bible and using Vision app

“In about a year my marriage was restored, my husband returned and it’s just amazing.  My son is doing so much better this year.  That year was a work in progress.  He’s almost himself again and he’s back in school.  I’m just so grateful for God’s mercies.”

“He’s just amazing.  He promised in the Bible, especially the Psalms when He says He’ll bring us beside quiet waters – out of trouble, and He did.”

The Word for Today via Vison’s app was easily accessible to Sharmini and connected her to the daily promises of God’s Word.   Your donation to Visionathon makes developing tools like the Vision app, which has been downloaded by over 200,000 people, possible.

God Is Still on the Move

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The Word for Today



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