Choosing to Praise God and Sow Seeds Even During Challenging Times

Farmer praying

It’s easy to praise and thank God when everything is going well, when we can clearly see His blessings outpouring in our lives.  But it takes a conscious decision to keep praising, sowing and thanking Him even during the challenging times, and the times when we can’t see His plan at work or the light at the end of the tunnel.

Wayne is a farmer from Taroom in western Queensland, where it’s been 3 years since their last decent amount of rain.

“We’re looking down the barrel at our second failed winter crop”, Wayne shared when he spoke with Robbo, Becci and Ian after donating to Visionation.  “Well not really failed as we haven’t even been able to plant yet.  It’s certainly challenging times, but we’ve come through all the other challenging times.  It’s certainly not the first setback we’ve had in our life of farming.”

Where others question God during times of challenge, Wayne is choosing to keep His faith focused on God knowing that it is during the challenging times our relationship is actually strengthened with Him as we learn to live fully reliant on God.

Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. – Psalm 126:5

“I’m sure God is always giving us opportunities for Him to say, 'are you trusting Me?'” Ian Worby said, sharing lessons from the Bible.  “As you know Wayne, we often like to reflect on things we learn from the Bible and life in the land of Israel.  There is that verse that says ‘they sow with tears, but they reap with joy’, and we never really understood what that meant.  The reason that farmers often sow with tears is that they’re often sowing into dry soil.  They haven’t seen the rain yet, but when God comes through and He sends the rain and you see the crop – there’s just this incredible joy.”

“That’s our prayer for you and everyone in that part of the country that’s going through that dry spell,” Ian continued.  “That as you not only literally sow into dry soil but you’re sowing into the good soil of this ministry.  God will send a blessing and you will reap with joy.”

Farmer praying in drought

Even with the lack of income and not sure of when the drought will break, Wayne is continuing to praise God and choosing to sow his finances into Vision to reach fellow Aussies who need to hear the hope of God’s Word.

“I think Vision is doing a great job,” Wayne shares.  “You’re one of the few voices putting truth into the public square and that needs to be supported, regardless of the circumstances.  Jesus commended the widow for the two mites, rather than the millionaire for the excess.  It’s not the size or amount, I think it’s the heart that counts.  The Lord blesses the heart, not the amount.”

God is still on the move every day in this nation and you can be part of sowing seeds of faith into the lives of everyday Australians.  You never know who your donation will impact next.

Your support will help ensure Vision can keep going and keep growing for future generations. It’s amazing to see how God is using Vision in greater ways every year.  From small beginnings reaching one town of just 6,000 people to over 10 million Australians today who can access Vision just by switching their radio.

God Is Still on the Move

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