Luke’s Miracle Survival

Shambrook family

Taking children camping is one of the great Aussie adventures many families enjoy.  There is a sense of freedom children get to experience in the 'great outdoors', but what happens when things don't go to plan?  How would you cope if your child vanished without a trace?

Over Easter holiday 2015, the news media across Australia reported that an 11 year old boy with autism spectrum disorder had gone missing while camping with his family at Lake Eildon National Park in Victoria. Several days went by and still Luke Shambrook was nowhere to be found.

Luke missing

In this two part Focus on the Family podcast, Luke’s mother, Rachel Shambrook, shares what it was like to go through every parent’s worst nightmare and the joy of Luke’s miracle survival.

Podcast supplied with thanks to Focus on the Family Australia.

Focus on the Family provides relevant, practical support to help families thrive in every stage of life.  Listen to their daily radio show weekdays on Vision. Find your local times here.

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