Christian Man Saving Children from Witch Doctor Sacrifices in SBS Documentary

Peter Sewakiryanga with a child rescued from a witch doctor. (Source: Kyampisi Childcare Ministries)

It is hard to believe that the practice of witch doctors sacrificing children is still happening in the world today.  But for many living in Uganda it is a horrific and very scary crime that still exists and is actually on the rise.  It is also a crime that at its core is of a spiritual and demonic nature.

An SBS Dateline documentary airs this week called ‘To Catch a Witch Doctor’.  The program shares the story of a police sting in Uganda to catch a witch doctor who was allegedly sacrificing children.

“They mutilate children and use their blood, tissue or any body organs with the belief that when you use those body parts in witchcraft rituals you get wealth, you get protection, you get some form of blessing,” Peter Sewakiryanga told Dateline.

Watch the full episode online here now or watch on SBS at 9.30pm Tuesday 25 June. 

At the centre of the documentary is Peter Sewakiryanga from Kyampisi Childcare Ministries in Uganda.  It is Peter’s mission to rescue children from witch doctors.

The documentary also features one of the children Peter’s ministry rescued, a 7-year-old Ugandan boy named Allan after he was savagely cut open with a machete.  After spending two months in a coma, Allan was able to receive reconstructive surgery in Australia.

Allan Ssembatya recovering from surgery in Australia. (Source: SBS Dateline)

Ahead of the documentary airing, Peter shared with Neil Johnson on Vision Christian Radio’s 20Twenty program about the reality of rescuing these children and the very real spiritual realm at work in these acts of witchcraft.

Peter in the Vision studio with Neil.

“Uganda is a beautiful country.  I’m proud to be Ugandan and call it home.  Unfortunately, child sacrifice is happening.  It’s a reality that started in some isolated communities and villages where we decided to establish our ministry because we realised that witchcraft was prevalent.”

Witchcraft was the main root of child sacrifice and now it has gone widespread, it’s not a one off.

Peter and his team now investigate up to 25 cases of child sacrifice every year.

“In 2007 three children within our community were sacrificed together from one family between the ages of five and ten,” Peter shares about what led him to forming the ministry.  “Their heads were cut off and their blood was drained.  The devastation I saw on the father and the mother and the community was horrifying.”

Somehow God plugged me into that to help with the family and healing and praying and encouragement.

“Suddenly after that we started hearing many cases, which was when I heard of Allan’s case and another little boy called George whose genitals were mutilated.”

“It became a huge burden on our hearts to respond to.  So George and Allan literally came into my house.”

uganda protests

Protests in Uganda to stop child sacrifice. (Source: Kyampisi Childcare Ministries)

Locals discouraged Peter from getting involved in rescuing these children with warnings that it was too dangerous to get involved in trying to stop witch doctors.

However, when God truly places a vision on our hearts, the calling is too great not to take up and this is exactly what Peter did.

Listen to the podcast below to continue listening to Peter and Neil’s conversation.

Tune into 20Twenty and join the conversation with Neil Johnson, weekdays on Vision Christian Radio. Click here for your local times.


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