How a Vision from God Saved a World Famous Rockstar

Robbo with Brian Welch
Robbo with Brian 'Head' Welch during his recent trip to Australia.

Brian ‘Head’ Welch and the other members of Korn were just kids when they became rock stars. And their celebrity encouraged them to make a lot of bad decisions.

We had a licence to do anything, which is very destructive.

At his lowest point, God helped him escape his addictions, but to do that, he had to leave the band.

Talking to Robbo on Vision’s The Story, Brian explained that hard drugs and alcohol weren’t what they’d signed up for. Since his Dad had bought him his first guitar, his talent had made him popular in the local scene, but to him, Korn were just a bunch of friends playing music in a garage.

Then, suddenly, they were famous. They were in LA. They could demand anything on their post-show rider, first Doritos, then beer, then whisky. Doctors would prescribe them whatever they asked for. Cops would see them doing drugs, and look the other way. “It’s kind of like you get on this roller coaster, and you can’t get off, because it’s everywhere around you, the party lifestyle.”

He tried to get off, for the first time, after his daughter Jeanne was born. Though we raise our children, he says God sends them to raise us too. “They help us become selfless, help us give our lives for another. And so that’s what she did. She came in and got my mind focused off of myself and onto her.”

Brian with his daughter Jeanne
Brian with his daughter Jeanne.

But faced by the mundane and difficult challenges of parenthood, he started reverting to his old ways. “And then there was that tug of war. It was party Brian wanting to live, and Daddy Brian, that wanted to live too. And both of them had desires to be the other one. It was like there were two of me fighting.”

“And then the drug Brian got so strong, that it just took the other Brian out with it. And so I went on a binge with methamphetamine and Vicodin, and Xanax and alcohol and everything for two years. And I just was running from that Brian that was getting ready to be born in Christ.”

“I ran hard, and ran far away, until I got to the lowest point. It’s kind of like the prodigal son story. I found myself with the pigs, so-to-speak, until I was ready to come home.”

Welch says everyone has heard about Jesus, whether it’s from friends, or on TV. But the first time he went to Church felt very different. “It wasn’t just a person talking about Jesus. It was Christ actually reaching for me, calling me to come to him.”

When he was struggling to escape his addiction, Welch felt desperate, conflicted and suicidal. “And then when I started seeking Jesus, I started getting all these positive thoughts and emotions. So I became instantly addicted to finding out the truth of how real Jesus is, and God is.”

On a flight, he’d had what he thought was a drug-fuelled vision of his plane exploding. After he died in the flames, he found himself in a peaceful, serene place. He realised that was one of many signs God sent him, telling him he had to let go of the rock ‘n’ roll dream that had turned into a nightmare.

“I need to put the brakes on,” he thought.
“Stop everything I’m doing, and get to know what life is really about. So that’s when I quit the band.”

But that’s not where the story ended. Years later, Welch felt God leading him to return to Korn. When he caught up with his bandmates, he was surprised by how much they had changed.

Korn on stage
Brian with Korn on stage in the UK.

He also told Robbo about how he built a relationship with his daughter, and how God put him through a miraculous rehab. For all that and more, listen to their interview below.

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