Australia’s First Euthanasia Death – Martyn Iles on 20Twenty


Over the weekend, news broke that Kerry Robertson, a 61-year-old mother with terminal cancer, became Australia’s first person to legally end their life under Victoria’s new euthanasia laws.

With the Laws changing over the past couple of years, we all knew that this would happen, but it was still none the less shocking to hear.

Martyn Iles, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, shared his thoughts with Neil Johnson on Vision Christian Radio’s 20Twenty program.

“It’s sad.  You know we had the Laws change which was very sad, and now of course you’ve got the Laws being implemented.  A 61-year-old lady in Bendigo, who is by all measures a prime candidate for euthanasia by the activists’ narrative, which is that she’s in the late stages of cancer, she was suffering and she took her life peacefully they say.”

“It’s just because I know that this is not the end, that’s why it’s sad.  It’s sad for two reasons.  It’s firstly sad because I know that this is not the end for euthanasia advocates and euthanasia laws.  But also it’s not the end for Kerry – that’s the other lie for euthanasia.”

“In every jurisdiction where euthanasia has been legalised, it has at first been limited to people like [Kerry].  It’s at first been heavily limited to people in the late stages of cancer usually, but it never lasts.”

Martyn Iles
Martyn Iles of the Australian Christian Lobby.

“Once you say that that bedrock principle of the absolute sanctity of life is not the principle by which you are running your health system.  Once you say that a the notion that a doctor can kill someone is not completely out of the question, but sometimes it certainly is in the question, then there’s no end to the question.   Because, why 6 months prognosis, why would you say that someone should live for six months and that should qualify them for euthanasia – why not eight?”

“Why are you so inhuman and non-compassionate that you wouldn’t allow someone with 8 months to die.  Or why is it that it has to be physical suffering?  People have been campaigning around mental health for years and years and years, and they want to destigmatise it, say that it’s just as valid a suffering as physical pain.  And that exact argument has been raised in Belgium, the Netherlands and other regions – it always wins out in the end.”

Will Australia’s euthanasia Laws follow the same slippery slope as other countries?  Continue listening to Martyn and Neil’s discussion on this topic in the podcast below.

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