Where People Find Miracles in Nepal

Alex visits a remote CBM eye screening centre that travels around Nepal finding people who desperately need to receive the miracle of sight-saving surgery.

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Blind Sisters See Each Other for the First Time

Riya and her sister Najmin have been blind for as long as they can remember. They had no idea that the Miracle of a $33 cataract surgery could change their lives forever. Watch their Miracle unfold.

Making Friends in Nepal and Getting Chased by Monkeys – Miracle’s Day in Nepal

Alex becomes a tourist attraction and then faces her fears of wild monkeys.

First Impressions of Nepal

After 36 hours in Nepal, Alex and Haylie share their first impressions of visiting a developing country for the first time and God’s unwavering love for those in desperate need.

Miracles Day in Nepal – Alex Gets Lost Flying to Nepal

Alex has made it from Australia to Nepal, but not without getting lost a few times on the flight over…


The Word for Today



Rise of Child Exploitation in Australia

Reports of child exploitation involving Australian victims or offenders have doubled to 18,000 in the last year. How can the Church protect these innocent victims?

Intellectual Disability, Community and the Gospel

Eileen Glass on what living beside people with intellectual disabilities taught her about forgiveness, humanity, and the Gospel.


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