The True Heart Behind Beautifully Broken

Randy Hartley, executive producer of the movie Beautifully Broken, knows the story behind the movie intimately – because it’s actually based on his own life.

Ahead of the Australian release of the film, he spoke with Robbo and Becci on Vision Christian Radio’s Rise & Shine program about the heart behind this tear-jerking film.

“Like so many things, God can take your trials and tribulations and turn them into victories,” Randy shared.  “I truly believe that was the case in our situation.”

“It is a shame that often times when tragedy strikes and things happen like it did in our family, often through shame we feel like we need to keep it hidden in darkness.”

“In my opinion that’s the Devil’s work of trying to keep it in that dark place that shame can take you.  God is the Light and when He shines, He can make light of it. We’re so thankful that was the case in our story.”

Even though the situations in Beautifully Broken were not the fault of the people in the story, each still felt a sense of shame – a shame that only God could miraculously bring His light into.

Beautifully Broken can be seen in Australian cinemas from October 24.  Click here for a list of cinemas screening the film.

Beautifully Broken Movie ContestRise & Shine is also giving away tickets to see the movie.  Enter here.

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