Encounter Israel in 2019

An overseas trip that will change you forever

Walk where Jesus walked

Visit Israel and Jordan with us from September 11 – 28,
with optional Turkey excursion from September 26 – October 4.

Experience historical and modern-day Israel in a once in a lifetime adventure

Have you ever pictured the Jordan River, where John baptized Jesus, or the Sea of Galilee when Jesus calmed the storm, or the very streets of Jerusalem where Jesus walked? These are real places that you can see, taste, touch, and smell! See the places of the Bible come alive and hear firsthand what God is doing in Israel today. Time in Israel is more than a vacation; it is a life-changing journey!

A 14-day journey that will awaken you to God’s heart

Allow the Bible to come to life as you worship on the Sea of Galilee; walk where Jesus walked through the Judean desert and the Mount of Olives; and hear from engaging Messianic tour guides as they help you to discover what God is doing in Israel today.

Your tour hosts

Ian and Mandy Worby

With over 14 tours to date – Ian Worby (Regional Director of Vision Christian Media + National Chairman of C4I Australia) and his wife Mandy (Night-time host on Vision radio) would love to take you on the adventure of a lifetime to the Biblical heartland they both love and cherish very deeply.

No Longer Just a Dream…

Have an Authentic Israel Experience


God’s passion for His people


With like-minded Christians and Israelis


With the Word of God like never before

For the first time in 3 years we are offering you the opportunity to…

…Follow in the footsteps of the Ancient Church to Turkey!

Our optional tour extension will take you to 7 Churches in Revelation where many of the events in the book of Acts took place.

A 7-day extention to keep the journey of a lifetime alive.

Experience the ruins at Mt Pagus and visit the Agora (market) in the ancient city of Smyrna. Walk through Sardis, the oldest of the Seven Churches of Revelation then pass through vineyards on our way to the ruins of ancient Philadelphia. Wade in the natural thermal springs at Pamukkale (known as Hierapolis in ancient days). Witness the extensive site of Laodacia and then head on through the Meander Valley on to Ephesus where you’ll walk the marble streets of this once very wealthy city.

…walk through some of the most important historical places in all of human history!

You’ll also get to stand in the great amphitheatre mentioned in Acts 19:23-41 and also explore the ruins on the Acropolis of Pergamum where the ‘Throne of Satan’ resides (Rev 2:13).  You’ll also cross the Dardanelles Strait by ferry to the Gallipoli Peninsula where we’ll visit the War Memorials at Anzac Cove and visit the famous Hagia Sofia − an impressive architectural masterpiece originally a church, turned mosque, and now a museum for all to enjoy..

What past pilgrims are saying about this tour!

“It was a privilege to come and experience the tour and will endeavour to keep Israel in my prayers and to tell others of God’s hand on the land.”

“It was an amazing experience to discover God’s country and a real eye-opener to see the land that is spoken of in the Bible. The amazing amount we managed to see and do is a testament to Vision Christian Media and our guides. Every trip overseas is special, but visiting Israel was literally life-changing. I have already been praying that God will allow me to return one day.”

“Amazing itinerary. How could I not be in awe and so grateful for being in the Word daily in the living land that Jesus once walked and lived in. You have inspired and supported us 110% through this journey. We are strengthened to keeping on with the work and plan that God has set out for us. God’s love is amazing!”

“Just being in Israel felt right and I now have pictures in my head to go with the things I read in the Bible.”

“I cannot thank you enough for the way you cared and shared. We were so blessed to have been in the Vision Tour. Words cannot adequately express my appreciation for making my trip of a lifetime everything and more than I could possibly have hoped for.”

Explore over 40 Biblically significant sites

Mount Carmel

where Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal

Mount Beatitudes

where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount


King Herod’s mountain fortress

Ein Gedi

where David hid from Saul

Qasar El Yahud

the actual site of Jesus’ baptism by John

Nazareth Village

where Jesus spent most of His lifetime on earth

City of David

Walking through portions of the Old City of Jerusalem and through Hezekiah’s Tunnels

Mt Arbel

Beathtaking views of Capernaum and Galilee

Sea of Galilee

Go for a Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus Walked on Water and Calmed the Storm


View the famous Dead Sea Scroll Caves

Garden Tomb

A possible place where Jesus could have been buried before being resurrected

Mount of Olives

where Jesus wept over Jerusalem

Pools of Bethesda

where Jesus healed the crippled man

Caeserea Maritima

at Mt Scopus


the resting place of the Tabernacle for 369 years


Walk through building, tombs, temples and a 3,000 seat theatre – and even go for a Camel ride

Fully guided

in air-conditioned coaches and superior accommodation

Encounter Israel Today

An overseas trip that will change you forever

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