Home Group Notes – David Pt 1

David Pt 1: In all the Bible, there is only one person who goes by the name David and the meaning of this word is quite long and complex because its Hebrew roots are complex. It can mean ‘beloved’ or ‘uncle’, and a derivative also means infirmity, sick or unclean, although these last meanings are …Read More


Home Group Notes – Saul Pt 2

King Saul Pt 2 Picking up from last week where we learned that in the very first early years of Saul’s monarchy he wasn’t so bad, he wasn’t great but he wasn’t full of himself…yet. His fall from reality and humility came pretty quickly however…after his first victory over the Amorites his decline was quite …Read More


Home Group Notes – Saul Pt 1

King Saul Pt 1 Saul: The Hebrew pronunciation is Sha’ul and comes from the verb sha’el which means to ask, inquire, borrow or beg. Many godly men throughout the Scriptures ‘inquired’ of the Lord, but Saul showed his weak and shallow character when he tried to contact the Prophet Samuel after the prophets death, through …Read More

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