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Mum’s Inspiration To Help The Homeless Told In Christian Movie

by | Sun, Jan 15 2023

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Recently released faith-based movie 5000 Blankets tells the story of a Christian wife and mother whose own heartbreak inspired her to create a charity for the homeless.

More than two decades ago Cyndi Bunch and her seven-year-old son Phillip went looking for her missing husband in Fort Worth, Texas.

The construction engineer suffered a mental health breakdown and disappeared after refusing to take his medicine.

During their search for him Cyndi and Phillip stumbled on a homeless community close to his workplace.

The boy was so moved by what he witnessed on the streets that he later told his mother that they needed to get 5000 blankets to keep the homeless people warm.

Phillip offered his A$10 in savings to help start a charity.

Cyndi felt God had whispered to her through her boy.

Despite being broke, she handed out hundreds of flyers seeking donations of blankets and promoted her campaign in the local media.

She stood before her church congregation and gave her testimony, urging the body of Christ to help collect thousands of blankets.

Her efforts gave birth to the charity named Phillip’s Wish.

It has since delivered 50,000 blankets and sleeping bags to the homeless.

Cyndi also runs a free food pantry out of her garage.

She told Christian Headlines the charities have shaped her Christian life.

“It’s time to get out of the church and start walking and living like Jesus. The government can’t fix everything. It’s up to us to get out there and make a difference .. in loving the way God wants us to love,” she proclaimed.

She added the movie’s message is simple: Love Your Neighbour.


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