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Concerns Over Santa’s Rainbow Event At Perth Shopping Centres

by | Fri, Nov 18 2022

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The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) and Family Voice have condemned an LGBTQI+ themed event at Perth’s Westfield shopping centres tomorrow (Saturday, November 19).

As part of PrideFEST 2022 the centres are running a one-day only program called Living Proud This Christmas.

It will include a photo shoot with Santa and drag queens for rainbow families with all proceeds going to LGBTQI+ support organisation Living Proud.

It’s understood to be the first event of its kind in Australia.

Family Voice said Christmas should not be hijacked to promote divisive ideologies.

The ACL claims it’s part of a relentless quest to normalise a transgender view of the world.

It says the photo shoots are a shocking example of ideologues using children to advance their own agenda.

It has launched an email campaign on the ACL website for people to voice their concerns to Westfield management in WA.