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The next big steps to take the Gospel to every corner of Australia through media.

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Tune into Vision Christian Radio on DAB+ Digital Radio!

Welcome to the next level of radio broadcasting with Vision Christian Radio, now in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  

What is DAB+ Digital Radio?

DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus) is the latest advancement in radio technology, offering crystal-clear digital audio quality. It’s a significant step up from traditional AM/FM radio, providing a more reliable signal, a greater choice of channels, and additional features like song and artist information displayed on your DAB+ radio screen.

Can I Get Vision on DAB+?

Yes, you can enjoy Vision Christian Radio on DAB+ if you’re in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne, where DAB+ broadcasting is available. For listeners outside these areas, don’t worry! Vision Christian Radio has got you covered. You can still access our inspiring content across the country on FM and AM frequencies, via satellite, and through our dedicated mobile app. No matter where you are in Australia, you can stay connected with Vision Christian Radio and enjoy our uplifting Christian programming.

How Do I Purchase a DAB+ Radio?

Purchasing a DAB+ radio is straightforward. You can find them at most electronics retailers or online. Look for the Digital Radio,

Digital Radio tick


DAB+ Radio

when choosing a DAB+ radio to ensure compatibility with digital broadcasting standards.

Does My Car Come With DAB+?

Newer car models often include DAB+ radios as a standard feature. If your car doesn’t have DAB+, you can still upgrade your existing system. Various adapters are available to add DAB+ functionality to your car radio, or you can opt for a complete DAB+ car radio upgrade. Check your vehicle’s manual or contact the manufacturer to see if your car is DAB+ compatible.

Working Together
for the Gospel

Vision is a non-profit charity driven by our mission to be a trusted, consistent and unifying voice in the Australian community to challenge, encourage and affirm people in the Christian faith.

If you have a heart to see Vision keep growing, please consider the part you might be able to play through your financial support.