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Donating to Save Lives and Souls

by | Fri, Nov 17 2023

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Written by Sonia Ray

Maria, from Sydney, NSW, lost her 33-year-old son to suicide and wants to help others struggling with mental health issues. She recently discovered Vision and has been greatly impacted by the Visionathon email about the nation saving lives and has become a first-time giver.

Maria’s heart is to find solutions to what triggers mental health problems and help people struggling with these issues like her son did.

‘He was 33 and a carpenter, just like Jesus. He lived in Queensland at the time, and he just worked so hard. He had a kind heart and helped everyone. … Just an absolute, beautiful boy,’ said Maria.

Maria is still upset about her son’s death. This February marked three years since his passing. Her generous donation towards Visionathon was prompted for the purpose of helping people find help in the dark times when they are triggered and need an avenue to turn to.

‘If you can’t talk to anyone, talk to Jesus. Read your Bible. Don’t give up,’ said Maria. ‘Surrender your troubles to Jesus because He loves you. And in listening to Vision, you know you’ll find Jesus through that’.

Special announcement!

A generous Vision partner has offered to pay for copies of the new Plain English Version of the Bible, distributed through Bible League, to be given to support the work of Indigenous evangelists in Australia. Each person who donates, whether $10 or $10,000, will be putting a Bible into the hands of an Indigenous Australian.

Visionathon happens just twice a year, with donations covering 90% of Vision’s annual costs. The donations that come through are from everyday people like you who know the power of sharing the good news of God across Australia. We hope the Holy Spirit stirs you to support us by making your tax-deductible donation right now, or even go the extra mile and become a monthly giver.

You can respond now on the phone at 1800 316 316, at or in the free Vision Christian Media app. You’ll be helping people look to God daily as we believe and work together.