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Christian School That Affirmed LGBT ‘Holiness’ Forced To Close Down

by | Tue, Feb 14 2023

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A Christian school in the US state of Missouri is being forced to close after it affirmed what it termed the “holiness” of the LGBT community.

Six months after the decision to alter its mission statement to be more inclusive, it had lost 42% of its funding.

By the end of last year, financial support had plunged by 80%.

The Urban Christian Academy of Kansas City was founded nine years ago to teach children from kindergarten to Grade-8.

It always had an ‘inclusive theology’ that involved supporting various LGBT causes.

Donations only plunged after it updated the mission statement.

All eight local churches that had given financial support to the school withdrew their funding.

The churches cited “a disagreement of values’ for their decision.

The Kansas City Star reports one patron wrote to the school saying: “Although we love and admire you in many ways, for your hard work, compassion, commitment, strength, we draw the line at this issue.”

“Christian compassion doesn’t mean universalism. Jesus loved all, but told them, ‘go and sin no more.’ He died so we could be saved, healed, delivered, and set free.”

The school had around 100 students, nearly all of them African American.