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Iowa’s Sweeping Education Reforms

by | Fri, Feb 3 2023

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The US state of Iowa has introduced one of the nation’s most sweeping school choice plans.

Governor Kim Reynolds made education reform a top priority to allow parents to use public funding to send their children to private schools.

She told Faithwire that parents should be able to decide what is the best schooling environment for their child.

The Governor said that during the pandemic many parents discovered what was really happening in public schools and didn’t like what they saw.

She said the American Federation of Teachers had “mobilised parents across the country” by its introduction of a ‘woke agenda.’

Governor Reynolds believes Americans are intensely frustrated with the status quo in education:

“Parents have had it. They want a quality education for their children. They want them to learn the basics and then they will take care of the parenting at home.”

Iowa’s leader decried “the woke agenda, the indoctrination, the sex education.”

She believes her plan will elevate all education in the state and ultimately force some schools to think twice about their policies and programs.

Her reforms will become universal over the next three years.

Every student will be entitled to around A$11,000 a year for their education.

With parental rights extending beyond education, Governor Reynolds is looking to push other measures cementing parents’ rights over their children.