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UK Couple Accuse Church School Of Secret Gender Indoctrination

by | Mon, Dec 26 2022

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A British couple has accused a Church of England school of secretly indoctrinating children with transgender ideology.

Calvin and Nicola Watts have withdrawn their 8-year-old child from the Kent school over the unbiblical nature of the resources being used in classes.

These included books and videos about same sex families and gender identity.

The couple accused the Church of child abuse after learning that one video promoted the idea of being born in the wrong body.

The video titled It Feels Good to be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity was shown to their child without their knowledge or consent.

The Watts issued a statement saying they were “shocked and horrified” by their discovery.

“If you watch the video it can only be described as child abuse — it is unscientific, nothing to do with relationships and encourages the idea that 3-year-olds can declare themselves as nonbinary to their parents,” they said.

“Whether the showing of the video was politically partisan or an ignorant mistake doesn’t matter, either way it was negligent.”

When the couple complained to the school they felt they were made out to be ‘unloving’ and shut down.

The head of the School Trust admitted some of the material was not appropriate for all children.

Christian Today reports that he pledged that all resources would now be checked by the head teacher.

The Trust denied that gender fluidity was being promoted and noted that all materials complied with Department of Education and Church of England guidelines.