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Challenge To Sneak Bibles Into North Korea

by | Tue, Apr 4 2023

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Taking the Gospel to North Korea has just become much harder.

South Korea has banned the movement of anti-North Korean propaganda material across their shared border,.

This includes balloon drops of Gospel tracts and online messages. The only exception is radio.

Eric Foley from the Voice of the Martyrs Canada told Mission Network News that’s a major setback for Christian groups spreading the Gospel.

“What that means is it’s not only Russia and China blocking the influx of Bibles and Christian literature into North Korea. There is now no legal means to bring Bibles and Christian literature into North Korea from any direction.,” Mr. Foley explained.

He said The Voice of the Martyrs is still able to smuggle Bibles into North Korea, but he wouldn’t reveal how.

“We never comment publicly on our field activities in terms of the specific details. The Voice of the Martyrs continues to get Bibles into North Korea through a wide variety of means and we joyfully and willingly pay the price that we have to pay personally in each of the countries that we do that,” he revealed.

Mr. Foley noted a paradox of Christianity is that: “Wherever believers endure hardship or pressure, the Church is pruned and refined — and the Gospel spreads.”