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Army Veteran Fined For Praying Silently Near An Abortion Clinic

by | Mon, Jan 30 2023

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A British army veteran has been fined for praying near an abortion clinic in the city of Bournemouth.

Adam Smith-Connor’s lawyers say he stood still and silent on a street with his back to the facility.

He was praying for the son he lost when he paid for his girlfriend to have an abortion 22 years ago.

It was a decision he later regretted.

He’s also remorseful over helping with abortions as part of his army training.

The local council fined Mr. Smith-Connor A$175 because he was in a buffer zone around the clinic.

It’s one of many such zones around UK abortion facilities that criminalise any act of protest relating to abortion services, including prayer and counselling.

Premier Christian News reports the army veteran is challenging the penalty.

He says he never imagined being in a position to risk a criminal record for praying silently.