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Australian Christian Book Of The Year

by | Tue, Sep 5 2023

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The Australian Christian Book of the Year has been awarded to Biblical Critical Theory written by Christopher Watkin.

It’s subtitled: How the Bible’s Unfolding Story Makes Sense of Modern Life and Culture.

Industry magazine Books+Publishing explains the book uses the Bible to analyse and interpret contemporary Western culture.

The award judges described it as “an enlightening and absorbing read for anyone wanting to deepen their appreciation of how the Bible addresses our world here and now. To reframe debates and culture wars, you will regularly return to this resource.”

Greg Clarke, Meredith Lake and Catherine Place said: “Watkin’s confidence, curiosity and joy are contagious. No matter where you happen to open the book, the author’s easy style, wide-ranging scholarship and generosity grab your attention and you are off, exploring the unfolding Biblical narrative and how it cuts through assumptions and ideologies to speak to our times.”

Eternity News writes Christopher Watkin discovered that Christian books either denounced the culture or affirmed its values, and neither of those approaches rang true for him. For him, the Bible set forth “a much grander, richer, more multidimensional view of how to live in the world.”

“I was in a position where a book like this would have helped me, as an undergraduate in a secular university, reading philosophy and literature, trying to make sense of it from a Christian point of view,” the author added.

Nichola Chadwick won the Young Australian Christian Writer Award for her poetry collection Breathe on Me. It traces the writer’s journey as she grapples with questions of God’s character.

The Australian Christian Teen Writer Award went to Caleb MacLaren for his screenplay The Journey which is a modern twist on the Noah’s Ark story.

The awards are presented annually by SparkLit, formerly known as the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge Australia.

Image: Evangelical Times