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Australian Family Coalition’s New Director

by | Fri, Dec 22 2023

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The Australian Family Coalition (AFC) has appointed a new director after founder Damian Wyld stands down for health reasons. He’ll be succeeded by Lana Gelonese who’s a parents’ advocate and West Torrens councillor in Adelaide.

She plans to hit the ground running in the New Year and carry on Mr. Wyld’s legacy: “It’s a great honour to be taking on this position to fight for faith, family and freedom, and most importantly, for the conservation of the Australian family, the preservation of the values that we all hold very dear. 2024 will see some major battles ahead of us and we’ve been working quite diligently behind the scenes to plan out what that might look like,” Mrs. Gelonese said.

“We have several campaigns in the works. We will hit the ground running early in January, particularly getting the woke agenda out of education and freeing our children from the indoctrination that they face every single day. But many others, as we continue to be a voice for the voiceless, a voice for the unborn, and preserving the family unit,” she added

The AFC is hoping to raise $20,000 before the end of the year to ensure it has the resources to lobby politicians, rally supporters and cover its compliance and administration costs.

Its mission is to ensure that Australians can live in a country where marriage and family is celebrated rather than denigrated; where real information is not cynically labelled misinformation; and where schools educate rather than indoctrinate.