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Christian-Based Boys’ Scouting Group ‘Booming’

by | Sat, Sep 9 2023

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While the Boy Scouts of America has lost half a million members in recent years, a Christian-based scouting group has gained 50,000 members. Trail Life USA was established a decade ago for families seeking an alternative to the political correctness of the original organisation. Earlier this year it opened it’s 1,000th local chapter with members now in all 50 American states.

The organisation’s mission is “to guide generations of courageous young men to honour God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure.” Chief Executive Mark Hancock said Trail Life is dedicated to providing boys and their families a space that is dedicated towards boys. He adds that is especially beneficial when so many performance statistics point to boys losing ground.

Mr. Hancock explained the Trail Life program “lets boys be boys, accentuating their strengths and allowing them to feel understood and appreciated. It aims to restore the wonder and winning elements of boyhood so boys can have a sure and secure future through our Proven Process.”

“We guide them with vetted male mentors. We ground them in Biblical truths. We appreciate their strengths. And we inspire them with outdoor adventure, character, and leadership challenges,” he added.

Trail Life USA has received praise from some leading Christian voices, including Focus on the Family, Franklin Graham, James Dobson, Mike Huckabee, Alex and Stephen Kendrick, Family Life, Promise Keepers and the American Family Association.

CBN News reports other Christ-focused, boy scouting groups are also doing very well. The Royal Rangers reports over 200,000 current rangers in more than 90 nations, and the Christian Service Brigade says it has impacted the lives of more than one million young men in 84 years of ministry.