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Christian Ministry Smuggles Food And Bibles Into North Korea

by | Thu, Jun 8 2023

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Christian humanitarian ministry World Help has been sending food supplies and Bibles into North Korea for the past 17 years.

Its president Noel Brewer Yeatts described the Bible smuggling as the ‘heartbeat’ of her organisation.

She noted that even in the middle of a famine, North Korean believers will choose a Bible over a bag of rice.

Ms. Yeatts told The Christian Post that: “Without faith that feeds our souls, then everything else is a short-term fix. When you focus on both body and soul, we believe that’s when true transformation happens in people’s lives.”

“What we mean by that is we believe that without things like food and clean water and medicines that our body needs, well, then faith can mean very little,” she explained.

World Help is using the same networks that deliver the Bibles to take food and other relief supplies to a starving population.

In the midst of the covid pandemic the entire country shut down during harvest season and the closed borders limited the resources coming from other countries, causing a critical shortage of food.

Ms. Yeatts shared a statement from one of World Help’s partners who asserted that North Koreans are still “desperate for God’s Word.”

She explained that her organisation does not set up offices around the world. Instead, it works with national partners who are on the ground and understand the culture of the country they’re trying to help and the best way to assist.

Ms. Yeatts declined to go into details of how it operates in North Korea because of security concerns.

The World Help president believes that hundreds of thousands of Bibles have been secretly supplied to persecuted Christians since the ministry began its work in North Korea.