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Discovery of Rare Coin Depicting Christ’s Crucifixion

by | Mon, Sep 6 2021

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Israeli archaeologists have discovered a Byzantine-era gold coin depicting Christ’s Crucifixion.

According to CBN News, the coin was one of several artifacts found during an excavation at Ramat Ha-Sharon, near Tel Aviv.

The rare gold coin was believed to have been minted around 638 AD.

The Emperor Heraclius is depicted on one side of the coin, while the Crucifixion is displayed on the other.

The archaeologists also found a bronze chain that was used to suspend a chandelier containing glass lamp holders.

These types of chandeliers were typically used in churches at that time.

The head of the excavation says the discoveries provide new insight into what life was like during the Byzantine period 1,500 years ago.

There’s a local push to incorporate the site into the construction of a new community.