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Quake Devastates Biblical City Of Antioch

by | Thu, Feb 23 2023

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One of the most devastated cities following the February 6 Turkey earthquake disaster was originally the ancient Biblical city of Antioch.

It played a prominent role in the life of the apostles Paul and Peter and also served as a foundation of the early Church.

According to the Book of Acts it was where followers of Jesus were first called Christians.

It was built in 300 BC by a general of Alexander the Great and was one of the biggest cities of the Greco-Roman world, rivalling Alexandria and Constantinople.

It later drew Muslim and Christian Crusader invaders.

Now known as Antakya, the city has been repeatedly destroyed by earthquakes and rebuilt over history.

Much of it has again been reduced to piles of rubble.

Most of the buildings that are still standing are considered too unsafe to live in.

Almost all its 200,000 residents have left.

Nearly all the churches and associated buildings used by its 5,000 Christians have been destroyed.

They included the Greek Orthodox Church that had been rebuilt after being levelled in an 1872 earthquake.

Only the sign remains at Pastor Elmas Akin’s church which had stood for 23 years.

He told CBN News: “There’s no more Antioch left, but there will be a new Antioch. There will be a new church. And God has already given us that building for that. So that will be the new church and there’s no damage on that church.,”