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Franklin Graham Brings The Gospel To Vietnam’s Biggest City

by | Wed, Mar 8 2023

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More than 42,000 people have attended a two-day Christian outreach in Vietnam’s biggest city.

American evangelist Franklin Graham shared the Gospel at the Spring Love Festival in Ho Chi Minh City.

More than 4,300 participants gave their lives to Christ.

Bibles For The World presented each new believer with a New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs.

The ministry handed out a Gospel of John to everyone who attended the event.

Reverend Graham called on the crowds to pray for government officials who granted permission for the event that was originally slated to take place three years ago but postponed due to the covid pandemic.

It was the second time Graham has shared the Gospel in Vietnam, having previously preached at a festival in Hanoi in 2017.

Vietnam has long been wary of giving Christians too much freedom.

Bibles For The World  President John Pudaite told Mission Network News that: “Vietnam is a strong communist government, but it’s moving from trying to control what’s going on to managing it”

He observed that government officials “see spiritual things happening, but they also see Christians as good citizens.”

A church leader who was a key organiser said it was beyond the wildest dreams of local believers to hear the Gospel preached in their nation’s biggest city formerly known as Saigon during the Vietnam War years.

Last month Reverend Graham reached out to 52,000 people at a similar event in Mexico City.