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Global Mission For ‘Good News Clubs’

by | Tue, Sep 12 2023

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Ever since the pandemic ended, liberal American states have been trying to ban Christian after-school clubs known as Good News Clubs from their schools. However, the clubs’ operator is actively trying to expand their reach to 100 million children worldwide.

The Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)  is also successfully suing school districts that try to exclude the clubs, in the courts. The latest battle is in California where a San Francisco-based district is accused of wrongfully locking out a club for which it allegedly rejected multiple requests to meet at one of its schools.

Christian legal advocate Liberty Counsel demanded that the district grant immediate approval. It said a Good News Club had been welcomed for many years prior to the covid pandemic. Its lawyers pointed out that other clubs such as Girl Scouts are allowed to meet at the school.

Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver said it is unlawful for the district to deny the request. He recently won a settlement from a Rhode Island district that attempted to ban the faith-based club. The Christian Post reports the US Supreme Court has previously ruled that after-school clubs cannot be banned because they are religious in nature.

Child Evangelism Fellowship believes that when it comes to missions, one of the most important, but often most overlooked, groups is children.

“One of the most beautiful passages in the Bible that reflects the heart of God is concerning children,” CEF  Executive Vice President Moises Esteves told The Christian Post. 

Psalm 78 says we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord and His power and the wonders that He has done. The government is not going to do it. God wants believers to communicate to the children, to the next generation, about the knowledge of God. That’s our responsibility. Someone one day communicated with us, and it is now our responsibility to communicate with the next generation.”

CEF  is an international nonprofit ministry which has been unwavering in its mission since 1937: Ensuring every child is reached with the Gospel, spiritually nurtured and integrated into a local church. Its goal is to minister to 100 million children each year.

The Fellowship has established several in-person ministries, including Good News Clubs which seek to combine fun with Gospel-centric teaching. The Christian Post reports that last year, it trained nearly half a million teachers worldwide.

Mr. Esteves highlighted the importance of ensuring teachings are “Biblically consistent while also culturally sensitive.” He explained the methodology involves producing literature with strong Biblical principles, which is then translated with cultural nuances in mind.

“If the child is interested in receiving Christ, what do you do? They need to be trained in how to counsel the child for salvation, and then there’s a whole slew of skills that need to be trained and understood when you minister to children. The structure is in place, the boots are on the ground to grow this ministry exponentially. And we have strict strategies, like children reaching children, which is teaching older, more mature children to evangelise their peers. It’s a beautiful training that we’re accelerating in the coming years.”