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High Cost Of Faith For Sudan Mother

by | Sun, Mar 26 2023

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The ordeal of a young mother underlines the huge cost of being a Christian in the Muslim dominated nation of Sudan.

27-year-old Abdala became a Christian two months ago after a relative told her about salvation through faith in Christ.

The mother of a four then had a dream in which Jesus appeared to her.

Her mistake was telling her Muslim husband about it.

He tried to force her to renounce her faith by chaining her legs and tightening the chains.

When she refused, he forcibly took her to a psychiatric hospital where she received an unidentified injection and electrical shocks against her will.

The husband has taken their children to live with him at his parents’ home.

Morning Star News reports that sources close to Abdala says she is in mental anguish because all her extended family believe she is suffering from a mental illness.

Friends are trying to help her find a refuge where she can have peace of mind and grow in her new faith.