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Huge Christian Landmark Planned For UK

by | Mon, Jun 12 2023

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A huge Christian landmark in England that’s been delayed by a few years is expected to be completed near Birmingham in 2026.

Construction will begin next year on the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, a giant 50-metre high arch called an ‘infinity loop’ — made from one million bricks.

Every brick will include an interactive message about a prayer that has been answered by God.

Visitors to the site will be able to download an app, point their phone toward any brick on the monument from as far as 150 metres away and read a testimony of answered prayer. Prayers will be accessible by subject matter and the geographical location of the submitter. Those not at the physical location will be able to access prayers online.

The project has been the brainchild of former software and sports chaplaincy entrepreneur Richard Gamble for nearly 20 years.

He was recently in the US to discuss the project at the National Religious Broadcasters convention where he told The Baptist Press his biggest challenge has been finding enough testimonies to fill every brick.

“The attitude towards sharing testimonies is very different in the United States to what it is in the United Kingdom where everyone is very shy. They don’t want to offend anybody so they don’t want to say anything. I’m encouraged to come to the United States and hear people so willing to tell stories of what God has done in their life. It’s very encouraging.”

He already has 36,000 testimonies from 28 countries and hopes to have at least 200,00 by the time the wall opens to the public with around half of them from the US.

“The reality is God often answers not in the way that we expect, and definitely answers not in the timing we expect. And sometimes the answer is ‘no’, and the journey is how He helps us through that ‘no’. We want to communicate the journey and having a relationship with Jesus. That is the most important thing,” Mr. Gamble explained.

“The idea is we don’t want it to be a dead memorial. We want it to be living. We will light it up at night, just to the extent that we’ve got the stories of answered prayer. So in that way, every day it will grow and change. And then when it’s full, we’ll change the colour and light it up a different colour. Because we want to communicate to people that Jesus is still alive and He’s still answering.”