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Hundreds Of Baptisms At Uni Event

by | Tue, Sep 19 2023

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This year’s move of God at American universities hasn’t abated. Around 200 students were saved at a recent event at Auburn University in Alabama. They were among a crowd of 5,000 who packed into a basketball stadium for Unite Auburn’s ‘A Night of Worship.’

An impromptu baptism in an adjacent lake that started with one student wanting to dedicate her life to Jesus led to more than 200 others doing the same. People surrounded the lake until midnight, listening to stories of life-change while cheering and praying together. Students said they’d never seen an event like it. “I’ve seen Auburn basketball beat Kentucky. I’ve seen Auburn football beat Alabama, but I have never seen something like I did on this night,” Auburn University senior Michael Floyd told a local TV channel.

The campus ministry’s outreach was created to bring the Alabama university’s Christian community together for a night of worship. It featured guest speakers, Bible teacher and New York Times best-selling author Jennie Allen and Pastor Jonathan Pokluda, while worship was led by Passion Music.

Ms. Allen shared on social media that towards the end of the evening, she felt led to ask students if they wanted to be baptised. “I finished a message at Auburn and was off stage and a student texted the pastor beside me that they wanted to be baptised. So I went back on stage and asked if anyone else wanted to trust Christ and be baptised. Dozens raised their hands,” she explained, adding that thousands then headed for the lake where: “They circled the lake and 6 to 10 of us were in the water baptising hundreds.”

“I’ve been a part of just planning this event and man, the Lord just took it from there and we ended up at the lake. It  was not planned at all. I think this was a spontaneous decision at the very end where we just said, Let’s go for it.” revealed Jeremy Napier, the chaplain for the Auburn men’s basketball team.

He proclaimed it serves as an example that nothing is impossible with God. “We serve an awesome God who can do amazing things. My prayer obviously is that all these decisions were genuine decisions and heart change. It’s awesome to do it in this environment, but now is where things get tough,” the chaplain added, while encouraging those who got baptised to get plugged into a local church.

“God is doing something on Auburn’s campus. This was a part of a bigger story that’s happening here,” Jennie Allen reflected.

CBN News reports this year’s campus ‘revivals’ have continued since the first outpouring at Kentucky’s Asbury University in February.