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Christian Narrowly Beaten By Muslim In Election For Scotland’s Top Job

by | Tue, Mar 28 2023

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Christian candidate Kate Forbes has narrowly missed out on being elected as leader of the Scotland National Party (SNP) who would also be Scotland’s First Minister.

Muslim Humza Yousaf was elected to the top job 52% to 48% by SNP members following a campaign which often focused on Ms. Forbes’ Biblical stand on sex, marriage, gender and abortion.

Chief executive of Christian think tank Logos Scotland Shona Haslam doesn’t believe Ms. Forbes’ faith was a major factor.

She told Premier Christian News: “What I have seen over the last few weeks is that her faith has been less and less of an issue, and so I don’t necessarily think it was her faith that was an issue – perhaps the media interpretation of her faith may have been an issue, but certainly not her faith.”

“They were saying that if Kate had won then legislation would have changed, whereas Kate never actually said that. She was very clear that legislation as it stood would continue to stand.”

Despite the challenges she faced during the campaign, Ms. Forbes relied on her Christian values to guide her throughout, said Ms. Haslam.

Ms. Forbes has previously said that this leadership bid was her one and only attempt at the top job.

Ms. Haslam isn’t so sure, saying: “I don’t think anybody can be certain of anything that’s going to happen in the future. I think promises like that during an election campaign always last for the moment and tend not to carry on.”

Ms. Forbes led congratulations to Mr. Yousaf, saying the party could now unite behind the SNP members’ choice.

Ms. Forbes, who previously attacked Mr. Yousaf’s record in ministerial posts, said: “I’ve been proud to share a platform with both him and Ash Regan over the last five weeks and I know we will continue to work together to make the lives of all of Scotland’s people better on the next stage of our journey to Scottish independence.”

“Whatever the robust disagreements or frank exchanges of the last few weeks, I am confident we will unite behind Humza as our new party leader, in the shared and common objective of independence.”

“Uniformity is not unity. We can debate and disagree and then work together to end poverty. To speak up for the marginalised. To create better jobs. To serve our people. I wish Humza well as he does just that,” Ms. Forbes declared.