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Legal ‘Victory’ For Christian Campaigner For Fairness In Women’s Sport

by | Thu, Sep 28 2023

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A high-profile Christian campaigner against biological men competing in women’s sports is claiming a significant victory after a restraining order against her was withdrawn in a Sydney court.

Police took out an apprehended violence order (AVO) against Kirralie Smith who’s the director of Binary Australia, to protect an amateur New South Wales soccer player. It prevented her from discussing, approaching or making any online, phone or other contact with the player who lived more than 300 kilometres away.

The Daily Mail reported “the player, who towered over most players, was the league’s leading goal scorer and a clip of them sending a rival player flying in a tackle went viral earlier this year.”

Ms. Smith led a protest campaign against the player’s presence in the sport, sending more than 12,000 emails demanding that Football NSW take action to protect women players. It also included a petition entitled: Keep Blokes Out Of Women’s Sport! 

She has been celebrating after the police prosecutor withdrew the first of two AVOs against her, just as the hearing about to begin.

She told Vision Radio:  “We knew that my behaviour in terms of just identifying males who are playing in female sporting teams does not rise to the level of violence, simply stating the facts and it’s a matter of public discourse and information that we need to be able to have these debates. My legal team did a lot of work and they were able to address the facts of the matter in our submissions and the constitutional viability of these arguments over whether or not I should be under such an order when words are not violence. The magistrate showed great relief and expressed his thanks to my team for their comprehensive submission.”

“This is a meant to be a democracy where we are allowed to voice our political opinions. I would go further to say that the fact of male and female is much more than a political opinion. It is an absolute reality, in fact. As spokeswoman for Binary, a political lobbying organisation, I must have the freedom to be able to make these statements and have reasonable and rational debates. I’ve never incited violence. I’ve never threatened anyone. All I have done is repost publicly available information and make comment on it. So that’s what would be our argument,” she added.

Ms. Smith also has a private AVO application against her which is due back in court on October 10. A third AVO was withdrawn in April. As well, she faces vilification complaints from both the players who took out AVOs that will go before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal as ‘misgendering’ cases.

“So we’re not out of the woods. There’s still a long way to go, but this first win feels very satisfying. It feels like it can set a precedent, at least for myself and my team, and we will keep walking confidently in this because there is no violence, there is no vilification, there’s no maliciousness. This is purely a conversation that must be had and all Australians must feel free to be able to state the truth, the facts, evidence, scientific based reality. And that’s all this is about,” Ms. Smith asserted.

“I won’t be surprised if more people try this kind of lawfare against me and against people in a similar position. So we are still fundraising. There’s a lot of costs involved when you have to employ barristers, senior legal counsel and my legal team who are doing a lot of work and they are going above and beyond, but these cases do cost a lot of money. It’s absolutely essential that we do take on these battles and win them for the sake of all Australians, for freedom of speech and for protections for parental rights, for child safeguarding and for women and girls, sex based spaces, services and sports,” she proclaimed.

Kirralie Smith has been highly vocal around the participation of biological men in women’s sports and the risk of injury to female players. She campaigned to have Football NSW review its policy on the issue, naming a number of players within the competition in a series of social media posts.

She has previously said: “It’s important for women to be able to draw boundaries and speak freely about how males impact their spaces and services. I will continue to speak truthfully about matters of biology and how they affect women and children in Australia.’

She created Binary Australia to protect children from indoctrination, protect women from men appropriating womanhood for personal gain, and stop politicians from instituting ideology over biology. Although she admits to being an accidental activist, she believes God has given her a large audience and platform to speak the truth. She and Binary have around 100,000 followers.

The committed Christian was named Mother of the Year earlier in 2023 after raising three of her own children and five foster children. She firmly believes that men are men and women are women, and nobody can change their sex. She believes women and girls’ rights are being eroded, and the words used to describe genders are being erased and hijacked, which she believes will have dire consequences for women in many different spaces and services, including sports, prisons, rape crisis shelters, and education.

Click below to hear the full interview with Kirralie Smith:

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