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Lyle Shelton’s Alarm Over NSW Premier’s Support For ‘Conversion’ Laws

by | Thu, Feb 23 2023

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Independent Christian candidate for the NSW Upper House Lyle Shelton is alarmed that Premier Dominic Perrottet will support Victorian-style ‘conversion’ laws in his state.

Mr. Shelton notes that Labor is also backing a proposed bill that seems certain to be tabled in the next parliamentary term.

It will be based on the Victorian model that bans prayer and counselling over sexual and gender identity, even in the family home.

He told Vision Radio the Liberal Party no longer stands for traditional Christian values:

“You know, we’ve often thought of the Liberal Party as less bad than the Labor Party. It’s normally the left of the Labor Party that’s driven these sorts of radical social policy issues. In this case, it’s been picked up by the Liberal Party just as abortion was picked up by the Liberal Party and euthanasia and facilitated through the Parliament,” Mr. Shelton observed.

“This is the shift that’s occurred in our politics. We’ve now got a Liberal Premier who professes to be a practising Catholic and a family man facilitating legislation which could put parents in jail who seek to try and avoid their children falling into the clutches of these gender clinics,” he added.

“The legislation in Victoria, which this [proposed NSW bill] is based on, criminalises prayer. If someone comes to a priest or a pastor asking for prayer for unwanted same sex attraction or unwanted feelings of gender dysphoria, they could be put in jail just simply for responding to a cry for help. This is very dangerous legislation. It’s not what it seems and the Premier sadly should not be backing it.”

“If a child is wanting to go off to one of these harmful child gender clinics and have puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones or even surgery, if a parent tries to stop that, they could go to jail for up to ten years under this bill. So it’s very disappointing and very concerning that the Liberal Premier of NSW is supporting or giving in-principle support to the bill.”

Mr. Shelton says he’s not surprised by the Liberals’ support.

I’ve been a political activist for 20, 25 years, and I’ve seen this over and over again where good people and Christians get into parliament with all these high principles, Christian values, family values. But the system does have this way of corrupting people and sucking them in. They drank the Kool-Aid and over a period of time they’re making compromises and find themselves compromised and no longer stand up for the things they once knew to be true and good and beautiful and no longer defend those things.”

“Sadly, we need people who have got strength and backbone in our politics and know what they believe, why they believe it and have moral fortitude. And sadly, those sort of politicians are few and far between.”

Lyle Shelton will be backed by Family First in the March 25 election, but he won’t be running on its ticket because the party isn’t currently registered in NSW where it takes six months to register a political party.

He concedes it will take a miracle for him to be elected, but he’s determined to make every vote he gets count.

“I want to make sure that the socially conservative Christian vote is not wasted and doesn’t exhaust. So I’ll be suggesting to people that they vote ONE for the Lyle Shelton group above the line of the Upper House ballot paper, and then a number TWO to Mark Latham’s One Nation.”

“Mark is not a Christian, but he’s the biggest friend of Christians in politics at the moment. He’s really fighting hard for religious freedom. He’s already in the parliament. He has also stood up on these gender issues and particularly about getting woke ideology out of schools. We support that. We don’t agree on all issues, particularly some of the pro-life issues. But on some key issues, there’s terrific alignment and I think it’s best to have his voice there,” Mr. Shelton explained.