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Nick Vujicic Uses AI To Spread Gospel

by | Wed, Aug 2 2023

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Australian evangelist Nick Vujicic is using artificial intelligence and digital media to help spread the Gospel. He’s unveiled a new initiative called Multitood which is a cost-effective video translation software solution to help expand an organisation’s reach.

He told The Christian Post that: “When we have The Great Commission to preach the Gospel to all nations and make disciples, it’s more than just translating the Bible into different languages. It’s also equipping, encouraging and building the churches out there to be the hands and feet with digital content as well, that they understand in their own language”

The Life Without Limbs founder revealed that two thirds of his 16 million social media followers do not speak English. That led him to develop the software which incorporates AI voice dubbing and translation tools, enabling churches and content creators to reach audiences globally without language barriers. The software translates videos into 36 languages; adds and edits subtitles and natural-sounding voiceovers; and streams them over the internet.

Traditional dubbing can be expensive and time consuming, with costs ranging upwards of A$115 to A$150 per minute. However, the evangelist’s AI-based solution has revolutionised the process by offering the same quality at a fraction of the cost, around A$15 per minute per language. “AI is getting better and better and better. And there are good things and bad things about AI. But we’re so thankful we can use it for the Kingdom,” Nick Vujicic acclaimed.

“Since 2011, God’s given me a vision to really focus in on the first 36 languages that reach 85% of the world. We have our own video player; JW Player canceled people like Daily Wire and Prager U. We obviously will be a non-cancelable, ever-expanding ministry for people,” he continued.

He informed The Christian Post that feedback from churches using Multitood has been positive because it provides a cost-effective method of translating sermons and podcasts into multiple languages to share the message of Christ with diverse communities. As well, he highlighted YouTube’s move to support multilingual audio files for select channels, signaling a growing opportunity for content creators to reach global audiences with their messages.

The US-based Aussie also revealed his passion for documentary filmmaking, aiming to produce six documentaries over the next three years through his company NickyV.Productions. “I felt the Holy Spirit say: Make documentaries to wake up and equip and encourage the believers. And I really believe that the Church needs some encouragement. I don’t see much of the Church right now strong enough to endure persecution. I think we’ve just started to taste in our mouths, what it means to be persecuted, marginalised, canceled or whatever. And I think this is when American churches need to stand up and really be the hands and feet like never before,” he proclaimed.

The first documentary The Cost of Truth tells the story of Ukrainian evangelical pastor Joseph Bondarenko who was kidnapped by the KGB and told to renounce his faith in Jesus Christ or face torture. “He survived the torture, and now his mission is to wake up America and help Americans to stand up,” Nick Vujicic explained. Another documentary will feature Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The Christian Post writes that through the power of media and technology, he hopes to equip believers with the strength to endure persecution and boldly stand for their faith in Jesus Christ. “I really believe with media, politics and business, it’s Christians being the light in the dark place,” he asserted.