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Pastor Returns Home Six Months After Being Declared Clinically Dead

by | Sun, Mar 19 2023

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An American pastor who was declared clinically dead six months ago has returned to his North Carolina home.

Pastor Ryan Marlow was rushed to hospital with a listeria infection that rapidly spread into a critical brain injury.

After claiming he was neurologically dead, doctors then said he was in a coma and wouldn’t survive without life support.

The Christian Post reports they even prepared to donate his vital organs.

But that didn’t happen because as his wife prayed at his bedside, he started showing signs of life .. and began his long, slow road to recovery.

Throughout the 37-year-old’s ordeal, wife Megan and his extended family plus hundreds of friends and thousands of believers have kept praying for Pastor Marlow.

Hundreds showed up to welcome the pastor at his homecoming.

“Ryan was just shocked at all the love that was shown. For the last six months I’ve been able to see all the messages and the comments and the support and the prayers. But he has seen just glimpses here and there which is what made [the homecoming] that much more amazing,” Megan said.

“For Ryan to know that through all of this whether he realised it or not, there were so many people who were praying for him and supporting us and the family,  we are just very grateful,” she added.

Megan says he waved and smiled for three hours to the point of exhaustion.

Ryan Marlow still faces a long journey ahead and needs constant care and prayer.

Wife Megan remains optimistic, saying he’s the strongest man she knows.