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Rebuilding Mosul After Islamic State Left Iraqi City in Ruins

by | Wed, Oct 20 2021

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An Iraqi pastor is helping rebuild his church in the shattered city of Mosul.

It’s in ruins after the occupation by Islamic State.

The damage is so extensive Father Araam could barely recognise the city.

He told ‘Christian Today’ there was no water, no roads, and few signs of life.

But he’s determined to help rebuild lives because that’s what the church does.

Even when 70% of his parish is destroyed.

Around 1,200 Christians lived in Mosul before the ISIS takeover.

Nearly every one of them fled.

However, as some returned, Father Araam realised hope had never truly left them.

Nearly 200 families are helping him rebuild houses and reopening schools.

But the pastor concedes it will be be a long road to recovery.