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Scottish Catholic Church Faces Post-Pandemic Financial Crisis

by | Fri, Jan 27 2023

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The Scottish Catholic Church may be forced to close down many of its parishes as donations dry up.

The Times reports the Church’s annual income plummetted by 60% in the three years to 2021.

It fell from A$47 million to A$19 million.

A Church report found parishioners preferred to spend their money on streaming services and football tickets rather than giving to the Church.

A spokesman says the Church faces a perfect storm of financial challenges — declining attendance, rising expenses and the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

Nearly every diocese in Scotland is losing people and money.

Director of the Scottish Catholic Media Office Peter Kearney says that since the pandemic only about 75% of congregations have returned to buildings to worship

He told Premier Christian News: “I think there’s a cultural issue here with a lot of Catholics not really thinking about the financial implications of having a church or running a church. Perhaps there is also a reluctance to talk about money.”

“Also, our clergy or priests don’t see themselves – and this is fair enough –  as the financial advisors or fundraisers. Their job is a spiritual one, they’re there to give pastoral leadership and guidance.”

Mr Kearney made this appeal to parishioners: “I use the example of your Netflix subscription or your golf club membership, or your season ticket for football. Look at all those things and see in an average month whether you spend more on those things than you give to the church. If you do, you probably need a bit of a spiritual and financial reality check.”

Fewer than 14% of Scots identify as Roman Catholic.

More than half do not affiliate with any religion.