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Taking ‘Revival’ To US Historically Black Colleges And Universities

by | Sun, Mar 26 2023

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Following the so called ‘revival’ at Kentucky’s Asbury University, similar gatherings are being reported at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) across the United States.

Several have been experiencing powerful outpourings of salvation, repentance, worship and prayer.

Atlanta pastor Arthur Breland says he’s seen the Holy Spirit moving on three secular campuses near his church.

He says students are gathering in groups of 50 to 70 for prayer and worship.

The Black Voices Movement (BVM) of mainly millennial and Generation-Z missionaries has been visiting HBCUs this month on a mission to reach the next generation with the good news of Jesus Christ by empowering young black men and women across America to be evangelists and preachers of the Gospel.

Director Yasmin Pierce told CBN News she witnessed signs of revival at many of them.

The most memorable was at a university in North Carolina where scores of students started streaming out of a three storey building to give their lives to Jesus at an open air gathering.

Ms. Pierce said BVM was inspired by the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 9 “where you see Jesus looking at the harvest. Looking at people who want to be saved.”

“Jesus is calling this Gen-Z demographic forward as evangelists, as preachers, and as witnesses of who He is,” she added.

“We do worship gatherings. We do evangelism training, practical leadership trainings. And what we find on these university campuses is a resounding response of ‘I didn’t know that my life could be used to proclaim the Gospel in this way. I didn’t know that I could be an evangelist. I didn’t know that my voice could be used in this way.'”

“We had a student at Clark Atlanta University, who was saying, ‘Man, I feel like now that I’m doing this evangelism training, I’m seeing people get saved from me communicating the Gospel for the first time. ‘It’s like these gifts are being awakened that I didn’t know were there,'” Ms. Pierce recalled.

“A lot of what we do is help to empower young people for them to realise, ‘Wow, I’m a part of the solution of what God wants to do on the earth when it comes to reaching the lost.”

Ms Pierce explained the Black Voices Movement saw a need to launch a tour of HBCUs and has already visited around 30 campuses with its team of young preachers.