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The Revival Generation Hungry For God?

by | Wed, Jul 19 2023

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Despite numerous polls finding that Generation-Z  is not interested in religion, summer camps across the United States are reporting that thousands of students have made professions of faith, been baptised, or accepted calls to ministry.

National Next Gen director with the North American Mission Board, Shane Pruitt, tweeted about the camp at Falls Creek, Oklahoma: “Amazed by what God did again this week. 790 decisions for the Lord, including 366 professions of faith for salvation, 116 surrendered to ministry, many saying they’re already saved, but need to be baptised, & more! Always love preaching here! To God be the glory!”

Clayton King, pastor and founder of Crossroads told CBN News: “We’ve had over 1,100 first-time salvations so far this [northern] summer. It’s a miracle.” He explained that this year’s student campers were more receptive to the Gospel:

“Ten years ago, most of the students that came to our camps came from a church background. Most of them came out of Christian families. This is a new generation of students. A lot of these kids that are coming to camp have either never heard the Gospel, or they’ve only heard it once or twice, or they’ve never been told how they can be saved, and so I think that we are dealing with students now that are very different.”

Shane Pruitt told CBN News he agreed with that assessment: “In ministry to young adults, college students, and teenagers, I’ve seen more and more young people make professions of faith for Jesus in the last three years than in my previous almost 20 years of ministry. It’s definitely a spiritual awakening,” he observed.

Mr. Pruitt also noted there has been a move of the Spirit among the younger generation despite the increased reports of anxiety, depression and suicide. “The pandemic didn’t create new problems for Gen-Z, but I think it poured gas on some problems that were already there. You have a whole generation which has come to the end of themselves at a much earlier age. They are looking for hope, and they are looking for answers.”

He added: “We get to slide in with the Gospel and say: The hope you are looking for, the truth your looking for actually has a name, and His name is Jesus. Culture understands and calls them Gen Z, but we have been calling them the revival generation.”

Generation-Z includes young people roughly aged between 10 and 16.