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University Prayer Event Like “Heaven On Earth”

by | Thu, Mar 7 2024

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America’s second biggest Christian university is the latest US tertiary institution to experience a revival-like event on its campus. Around 300 students turned out to attend a 24-hour prayer and worship service at Liberty University in Virginia which coincided with the National Collegiate Day of Prayer.

CBN News reports students were in awe of how God moved on the hearts of hundreds of young people. One noted that normally there would be fewer than ten people inside the university chapel, but at this event, the crowd couldn’t fit inside the building, and many students worshipped and prayed on the lawn outside, in freezing sub-zero conditions. One student said: “I thought I was going to go for one hour and I ended up staying 20 hours. I lost my voice.”

Another student told Christian radio network K-LOVE that the presence of the Lord was so powerful, “it felt like Heaven on earth.” Others described the event as an “amazing, raw and real experience of encountering God” and “It was like something I’ve never experienced before. We were singing so loud that we couldn’t even hear the microphones and the worship collective singing through the speakers. The voices of the people in the room were just overpowering the microphones.” A young woman observed: “It was so evident that the Holy Spirit was on this campus.”

The event was organised by Liberty’s Office of Spiritual Development (OSD) which coordinates 24/7 prayer and other special prayer events throughout the academic year and encourages students to grow in their faith. “We want to teach them how to pray on their hall and watch them grow throughout the four years that they’re here. It’s amazing to see their transformation,” said Prayer Ministry Assistant Kara Wheeler.

“We are doing these events to establish a culture of prayer. We want to create an understanding that prayer is not just at certain times of the day or the events that we put on, but it’s truly a cornerstone of life,” explained the university’s Shepherd Director Brandon Milks.

Photo: Liberty University (Chase Gyles)