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Warmest Welcome Yet For Kirk Cameron’s Christian ‘Story Hour’

by | Sun, May 21 2023

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Evangelist Franklin Graham has teamed up with Christian actor and author Kirk Cameron for a special event at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It featured two sold-out readings of the actor’s children’s book called As You Grow.

Faithwire reports Reverend Graham opened the event in prayer before the library “was filled with faith, patriotism and family values.”

Around 1,000 visitors joined in as the actor led the singing of God Bless America and The Star-Spangled Banner as well as reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

The team from publisher Brave Books observed that the warm welcome was in stark contrast to the reception at some of Kirk Cameron’s other Story Hour presentations in public libraries across the US.

“While most of the libraries on this tour have been opposed to us and made our lives as difficult as possible, it was such a treat to be hosted so graciously by Franklin Graham and the incredible staff at the Billy Graham Library,” said Trent Talbot, CEO and founder of Brave Books

He told Faithwire: “The people of Charlotte showed up in incredible numbers and had a fun and wholesome Story Hour at a beautiful library. It was a great day and a big win for the good guys!”

Franklin Graham stated in an interview before the event: “It’s a shame that some libraries and activists have tried to stop him. They want him to shut up and sit down, but Kirk isn’t afraid to take a stand for what’s right, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.”

After the event he tweeted: “I appreciate that Kirk takes a bold stand and isn’t afraid to speak up for God’s truth. Kirk was a great encouragement to all the parents who came today.”

Kirk Cameron met the late Reverend Billy Graham in 1989, when the evangelist received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The actor who was a new Christian at the time recalled during his library visit that the legendary preacher told him he didn’t want the fame of the star, but hoped it would help him reach more people for Jesus.

“As a brand new Christian, that meant so much to me,” Kirk Cameron said.

He’s about to release his second children’s book which he described as: “A story called Pride Comes Before the Fall, and it’s a story of a tiger named Valor and his partner named Kevin. They need to learn the lesson of humility.”

The book’s June 1 release coincides with Pride Month and the American Library Association’s Rainbow Book Month in the US.