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Weatherman Breaks Into Prayer As He Reports A Tornado Is About To Hit

by | Sun, Apr 2 2023

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An American TV weatherman has broken into a brief prayer as a tornado was about to smash into a Mississippi town.

Meteorologist Matt Laubhan is being credited with saving lives.

Residents of the small town of Amory heard his warning just moments before the twister hit their community

The weatherman was shocked when he saw the storm system tracking on his monitor.

He warned viewers it was a potentially life-threatening tornado before spontaneously praying “Dear Jesus, please help them. Amen.”

The concern and urgency of his tone prompted Amory locals to immediately take cover and get into their basements if there was time.

Many buildings in the town were badly damaged by the storm system which left a trail of devastation across three states, claiming at least 26 lives.

CBN News reports residents across the region praised Mr. Laubhan for his professionalism and prayers in alerting them of the danger and keeping them safe.